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Shortly after that, I check and learned no, batteries should not be refrigerated or frozen. Because of cooking heat, the last two were slightly above room temperature, both summer and winter, for the duration.

Snopes is not always correct so I decided to ask my pal Ron Brown for his opinion. I had a childhood friend that, when he needed flashlight batteries, got them from his mother who retrieved them from the refrigerator. If you freeze or refrigerate batteries, you must let them thaw for a couple of days and come up to room temperature before using them. In storage, cold will slow electrical activity (leakage, in the case of batteries) and, in theory, stop the battery from running down. After two years, eight months and three days, I decided it was testing time.

Lok Sabha TV-viewer: Yaar, ek toh Pranab’s Bengali English accent is so hard to decipher in the first place and all this shouting is making it impossible to understand what he is saying!

The bill is sent to the Standing Committee on Finance, headed by BJP Leader Yashwant Sinha, for review.

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Police ordered people not involved to distance themselves from the scene of the crimes, as armoured vehicles ploughed the barricades out of the way.Suddenly all the attraction is gone and it’s back to lonely nights-in, reading the Communist Manifesto.But now there’s hope for lovelorn Lefties looking to find a chap to be the Ed Balls to their Yvette Cooper.The leaflet shows a picture of a blonde woman and a handsome man who can only be described as a silver fox.

Such is her allegiance to the cause that she is wearing red, and they are toasting their new-found love with that popular Left-wing drink, champagne.Ok, This year we need to collect 8 lakh crores to finance our bogus schemes and other “Royal” Expenditures such as luxury foreign vacation trips of Pratibha business-class Air-tickets for Sharad et al.. Only one part remains: Our Department must have the power to take action against these folks who use tax-havens for making business deals. Both gentlemen watch Tarak Mehta kaa Ooltaa Chashma on SAB-TV and write the GAAR rules for India in between the advertisement breaks.