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It’s fair, I guess, to ask, given what Feynman said.

But then, too, we might think a little introspection by Stephen may be in order. Stephen writes in his blog, The 1260-1390 radiocarbon date of the Turin Shroud was the result of a computer hacking #4.

it would be quite unlikely the Holy Evangelists would have omitted to record an imprint on Christ’s burial linens or that the fact should have remained hidden until the present time.

Already in 1389, Pierre d’Arcis, the Bishop of Troyes tried to stop the Avignon Pope, Clement VII to exhibit the Shroud of Turin at Lirey.

even by experts in the field“: “On 27th February the 16 February 1989 issue of the British journal Nature (volume 337) finally reached the library in my lab.

On pages 611-615 appeared the article titled ‘Radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin’ by P E Damon et al. The article was rather opaquely written-difficult to comprehend in complete detail even by experts in the field …”[20] Presumably this was deliberate so as to conceal the inexplicable fact that the Shroud sample dates between the three laboratories were widely different.

When the shroud was displayed, the present Pope Francis paused in silent prayer in front of the relic and called it an “icon of love”, endorsing Catholics to use it as impetus to reflect upon “the face of every suffering and unjustly persecuted person”.

By sequencing genes from pollen and dust particles on the shroud, researchers have been able to map the type plants and people that came in to contact with the linen.

The oldest DNA snippets (which tend to be shorter because DNA breaks down over time) are found in many places on the shroud, and come from genetic lineages typically found only in India, Barcaccia said.In his memorandum from 1389 (quoted above) he famously raised doubts as to the veracity of the claims of its authenticity; concerns, which he shared with his predecessor, Henri de Poitiers.Following this, the Pope instructed the people at Lirey not to present the cloth as the actual shroud of Christ, but rather as an image or representation of it.It makes for interesting reading: The uncalibrated dates of sample 1 (the Shroud) in Table 2 of the 1989 Nature paper are widely different.

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As can be seen in Table 2 of the 1989 Nature paper (see above), sample 1 (the Shroud)’s average uncalibrated radiocarbon date by each laboratory was widely different, unlike the non-Shroud samples (2, 3 and 4). Gove criticised the 1989 Nature paper for having been, “opaquely written” and “difficult to comprehend …

As we well know, this battle for the minds and not the hearts of the faithful have never stopped.

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