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Schema documents are valid XML files that, once loaded into the SOM, convey meaning about the structure and validity of other XML documents which conform to the schema.SOM is indispensable for a certain class of application, like a schema editor, where it needs to construct the schema in memory and check the schema's validity according to the WXS specification. The following is a simple customer schema, with a top-level Customer element that has two child elements, First Name and Last Name, and one attribute, Cust ID.NOTE In this chapter, I've assumed that you're already familiar with the basics of XML, such as elements and attributes.If you need a refresher course on XML basics, refer to Appendix B, "XML Standards and Syntax." In this section, you'll learn how to extract information from an XML file.The SOM comprises an extensive set of classes corresponding to the elements in a schema. The following code creates the customer schema in memory using the SOM API.For example, the maps to Xml Schema Attribute and so on. For a complete listing of all the classes available in the System. We will use a bottom-up approach in building the schema, constructing the child elements, attributes and their corresponding types first, and then proceed to build the top-level components.I'll start by showing you how you can use the Xml Reader object to move through an XML file, extracting information as you go.Then you'll see how other objects, including the Xml Node and Xml Document objects, provide a more structured view of an XML file.

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I am currently on a project where I have to generate a huge number of XML packets.

NET Framework effectively unless you're familiar with XML. NET, and it's especially important for the distributed applications covered on the 70-310 exam. Xml namespace contains classes to parse, validate, and manipulate XML.

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