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It’s always Iranian men in their late fifties who tell me it’s not realistic.“But the questions I get are fascinating: ‘Is it real? Keshavarz was born in New York and has lived mostly in America, but travels annually to her ancestral homeland.Her father was a doctor, recruited from medical school to work in the United States because so many American medics had been shipped off to Vietnam. “I grew up with two passports, and never had any issues going back and forth,” she recalls.Allowing such sequences to play out in extended takes that favor the acting over the scenery, Lelouch coaxes good turns out of his cast in these moments, especially from leading ladies Bonnaire and Jacob.Likewise, singers Hallyday and Mitchell -- both of whom are no strangers to the screen, the former having starred in films by Jean-Luc Godard and Johnnie To -- make for a convincing duo, even if Hallyday’s weathered, nearly immobile face is often hard to read and rarely changes expressions.Elles essayent de profiter au mieux de leur jeunesse quand Mehran, le frère et complice d’Atafeh, devient membre de la police des mœurs.Alors qu’il désapprouve sévèrement leur besoin de liberté, Mehran tombe amoureux de Shirin.(The Kaminsky character was clearly inspired by Lelouch himself, who has seven children from four wives.) When Jacques’ best buddy, the crafty doctor Frederic (Mitchell), shows up for a little R&R and realizes how distraught his friend is about being cut off from his own kids, he summons Jacques’ daughters to the mountains, claiming their dad is fatally ill.It’s at this point that the scenario, co-written by Lelouch and Valerie Perrin, picks up steam, with the cheekily named sisters Spring (Irene Jacob of ), Summer (Pauline Lefevre), Autumn (Sarah Kazemy) and Winter (Jenna Thiam) arriving on scene to stir up trouble and old memories, creating a whir of tension that ultimately brings out the truth amid plenty of shouts, tears, champagne and cigars.

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Better performed and helmed than some of the 76-year-old filmmaker’s recent efforts, should see mild offshore play following a local release on April 2 and an opening-night slot in this year’s City of Lights, City of Angels fest.But whatever momentum Lelouch was building in the film’s mid-section is upended by several ludicrous plot twists in the latter reels, undermining the family dynamic in favor of genre conventions that really have no place in the story.To explain these late events would spoil the movie, although they honestly make little sense and seem to have been culled from something long lost in the director’s lengthy filmography.As with many lost souls, Mehran turns to religion for structure and guidance.

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His addiction to drugs is transferred to his newly found religion, and his zeal increases with time and he begins to impose his values on his family, including installing a surveillance system to spy on the activities of his family and Shireen, with whom he begins to fall in love.

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