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03-Dec-2017 07:35

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It was the May of my sophomore year of college, and I had developed a friendship with one of the graduate students who lived in my dorm as an academic advisor and quasi-authority figure.

We became friends because we both were forced to take lunch at due to afternoon classes and shared vaguely similar academic interests.

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One time, during a reception for English majors, Peter and I were standing in a corner, quietly plotting where in the building we'd go to rip each other's clothes off.He eventually friended me on Facebook, which I thought was a little strange, but brushed off because I assumed he was gay due to his plethora of vibrant, floral shirts and the gulf of a decade that separated us in age.He soon messaged me, saying I should come to a sushi and sake study break he was throwing in his room for the undergraduates in his entryway. There are strict rules in force governing interactions with the RAs—they are not supposed to serve alcohol to underage students, and they’re certainly not allowed to boink their charges.But perhaps the worst almost-busted situation of all happened toward the end of the school year.

My roommates told me they were going out with their boyfriends, so I invited Peter over to my off-campus apartment to get it on. But our best was still pretty sloppy — we had lots of close encounters.

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