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27-Jan-2018 22:10

(It’s nice that when you change something in the physics code, that your audio doesn’t break).It also gets us closer to a situation where we could ship updates to different modules at separate timelines. If you take a look at the Web GL demos that we posted, you can see that the entire unity engine that is converted to javascript (not manually thankfully! That’s already pretty good, but we know there’s more juice to squeeze out of that.And it’s nice that it gets easier to work on the different components with different teams. The web is still a platform where size matters a lot, and we want to bring the minimal size of a Unity published Web GL project down further.There’s one additional reason that is much more user visible: the ability to ship a smaller game. This is also true for other platforms, but at the moment, Web GL is definitely one of our more size-conscious platforms.I DO know php, but dont mind picking up other things as requried.I am looking for things that basically work but dont need a headache to get working...

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