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Routh Goshen (Franklin) 21: 32p; LE: 51p aka The Middlebush Giant Cop stages illegal private prostitution stings (Manchester) 28: 4, 6 Cosmo, the King of Perth Amboy (Perth Amboy) 26: 44p Cowboy patrols Route 23 (West Milford) LH: 82d Craig Calam, “Mugsy” on the Uncle Floyd Show 26: 12p Crazy Doll Lady (Toms River) 28: 62 Crazy Jimmy and the Red Desert (Point Pleasant) 13: 33 Crazy Ken (Tom’s River) 17: 54; 19: 8, 10 aka Spaceman Ken, Bob Crazy Tony (Clifton) 17: 57d Crunchy Bill (Lyndhurst) 24: 77 Dan Becker – curator of World’s Tallest Water Sphere Museum and website 32: 73p-74p, 92 Dancing Francine the Queen of Middlesex at Kerwin’s Bar (Middlesex) 20: 40; 32: 16 Dancing Moonlady (Berkeley Heights) 32: 76 David Morrell – author of the Asbury Park novel Creepers 26: 40p Dead Pheasant Girl (Burlington County) 26: 14 The Debris Freak of Chestnut Street (Roselle Park/Union) 24: 76 Denville Waver – “Cult of the Wavers” (Denville) 23: 79 Diaper Man arrested – William Rhode III (Paterson) 23: 14; 25: 10-11 Dizzy Lizzy (Rutherford) 28: 71 Doctor Beuche – strange disappearance in 1964 (Spotswood) 26: 32 “Dollar-bill Walking Guy” aka Bendover Man (Absecon) 15: 24; 33: 82 “Doomsday” the apocalyptic preacher (West Orange) 15: 24 Doris Duke – Poor little rich girl (Hillsborough) LH: 19d-20 Dorothea Dix and the Poorhouses of N. Danielle Smith – fraudulent transvestite veterinarian (Atlantic City) 33: 7 Dr. Steven Novella — cranky arch-skeptic 30: 98 “Dueling Drunks” (Dunellen) 18: 11 Earle S. Burdett, blind carpenter (Wayne) 4: 11; 8: 22p Francis Hopkinson — New Jersey signer of the Declaration of Independence 32: 47d Freak of Russel Avenue (Franklin Lakes) see Midnight Walker Freaks of Central Avenue (Jersey City) 31: 9 Fred Kanter (Mountain Lakes) Boat in a tree, bowling ball pyramid and futuristic car from “Sleeper” 26: 76p-78p Imitation police car and hearse on display 28: 6 Garden State Parkway collector-freak 6: 10 George Arbuckle – concrete artwork & Statue of Liberty (Vineland) 20: 1p, 70p-71p; 26: 19 George Daynor and the Palace Depression (Vineland) 4: 18; 7: 12p-13p; 14: 16p-18p; 15: 5p; 17: 9, 14; 18: 13; 19: 12, 14p; 20: 12; 23: 19; 25: 40p; 28: 31; 30: 21; 31: 12p; 32: 12p, 25p George Hansen – author of The Trickster and the Paranormal 32: 85 George Jurczek and his Circle of Friends cult (Morristown/Randolph) LH: 62-64 George Lightcap [guardian of “Murray”, the world’s largest tin foil ball] 28: 88p George Morlot – Strange disappearance in 1894 (Paterson) 26: 32p George Panas – owner of Howard Johnson’s Restaurant (Asbury Park) 14: 13p George the Mad Sipper (Chatham) 26: 47 George Van Hecke – N.

J.’s first Ufologist 32: 84p The Ghouls — monitor obituaries and rummage through the trash of the dead LE: 10 Glen Jones – radio host and pork roll fanatic 26: 70p-71p Goat Man (Hoboken) 27: 26 Goffle Road Waver – “Cult of the Wavers” (Hawthorne) 23: 79 Golf ball-Face Guy (Asbury Park) 20: 41 Gooseman (Howell) 17: 86 Gracie Knox – the Pink Lady (Metuchen) 22: 64p; 23: 63p Grade-schoolers penny protest (Readington Township) 31: 20 Grandma’s world record craps roll at Borgata Hotel and Casino (Atlantic City) 33: 6 Grandma Squirrel (Jackson) 26: 47; 30: 12p Graverobbers Polito Pizzaro and Louis Vega (Paterson) 10: 9 Greg Napolitan and his roadside wood carvings [Jersey Devil, etc.] (Frenchtown) 30: 62p Hackensack Dancer LH: 22d-23 aka James Roberson Hacksaw bandit (East Orange) 5: 8 The Happy Man – “Cult of the Wavers” (East Brunswick) 23: 79 Happy Walker of Route 565 (Wantage) 20: 40; 22: 7 Harry De La Roche and the Thanksgiving murders [“Montvale Horror”] (Montvale) 29: 27p; 30: 10; 31: 8 Harry Houdini’s headquarters (Union) 25: 74p Hat and Glasses Family (Elizabeth) 25: 18 “The Head” of Little Mill Road (Pine Hill/Gloucester) 9: 14; 14: 54 Helga the Roadkill Connoisseur (Great Swamp) 20: 40-41 Henry Herbert Goddard – Eugenicist, psychologist and Director of Vineland Training School Research Laboratory 16: 38-41, 78-81; 24: 12 Hermit of Lahaway (Lahaway) 25: 74 Heroin-addicted hamster abuser (Mountainside) 20: 14-15 Hezekiah B.

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