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07-Nov-2017 15:52

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Her experience and professional opinion in the dating world is eclipsed only by her conversational charm and intellect.

Many brands are looking for bloggers to tell their story. Because blogs are one of the top online outlets that shape the opinion of consumer spending.

So what does it take to build an effective blogger outreach strategy?

By Louis Baragona You may have seen the stories lurking in your Facebook newsfeed (which of course you only check when it’s the birthday of a family member) or maybe waiting in the shadows of your Twitter timeline, retweeted by that person you’ve been meaning to unfollow since they wrote that open letter to an open letter.

Back in February I co-branded this blog with my then-boyfriend of military background, hence the old grenade logo.

As it turns out, there are quite a few parallels between my driving and dating styles.

Just as the headline is the clue to a news story’s content, your bio on a dating app is the clue to who you are. Here’s how to nail your bio on whichever dating app you’re using. I’m looking for someone who can take care of me and with whom I can find true love.

So I thought I would ask this stranger where he got my number from and now I find out this is a scam. I am with telus for about 10 years and this has never happened before. Oh wow, so many of you guys had the exact same thing? I also received a text message say hi its bludevilgirl come see if you recognize me at date I immediately searched google and have noticed other people are saying its spam and I agree so delete the message and move on to the next. but telus should be able to tell us where the messages are origionating.… continue reading »

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When you're not too good with strangers, it can be especially difficult to find that special someone.… continue reading »

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The good news is that there are several things you can do to help prevent relapsing once you’ve complete your sexual addiction treatment program.… continue reading »

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