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16-Nov-2017 05:21

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'My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\mods', '/mods') mount_contents(SHGet Folder Path('PERSONAL') ..

'My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\maps', '/maps') mount_dir(Init File Dir .. There are ways to get around this using hooks, that I'll explain in the end.

'\..\user\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\maps', '/maps') mount_dir_with_whitelist(Init File Dir ..

'\..\gamedata\', '*.nxt', '/') mount_dir_with_whitelist(Init File Dir .. mp) end end end -- these are the classic supcom directories.

Much-loved RTS Supreme Commander 2 has received a hefty overhaul, making significant changes to the economy, particular with regards to Mass Extractor Veterancy.

Supreme Commander develoepr Gas Powered Games came close to closing down for good after a failed last-ditch Kickstarter, but was recently bought out by

Common to all 4 air factories are air scouts, interceptors, attack bombers and light transports; the Cybrans also get the Jester light gunship.

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: This architecture does work but is limited: The weakness in the design is that simulating the world accurately is tied to having small timeslices (a.k.a high framerate).Knowing the difference in strengths and abilities of your current tech is of strategic importance Tech 1 is the basic starting level in a game of Supreme Commander.The ACU you start with is capable of building most tech 1 buildings, with a few exceptions.Problems arise if the framerate drops too much: Updating at 30Hz instead of 60Hz may move objects so much that collisions are missed (In a game such as SHMUP that was a big problem): There are algorithms to palliate to this problem but this naive design has many more flaws.

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The fundamental difficulty is not the length of a timeslice but its variability: timeslices, regardless of network latency/renderer performances.

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